Consignment Furniture Store Displaying Wooden Chairs

Visit A Consignment Furniture Store After The Big Move

Consignment Furniture Store Displaying Wooden ChairsA Consignment Furniture Store Can Help You Declutter

Moving to a new home can be amazing, until you realize you don’t need all of the furniture from your old place. Some people opt to put it in storage, because who knows when you might need that extra bookshelf. However, is storage economical? Should you consider selling all of that extra furniture? Deciding whether to keep your furniture or sell it can make or break your big move. When it comes to that pesky portion of the move, we’ve got some great furniture tips and tricks. We can help you find just what to do with the extra end tables and chairs you have lying around.

Think About Your New Home

How do you see it? Are you upgrading to your dream home in the country? Have you purchased some beachfront property for family fun? Are you finally getting your first apartment in the city? Moving into an urban condo and downsizing? No matter what kind of move you are making, the home itself and how it’s laid out should be your focus. Take your new home into consideration when debating on what furniture to move, and what pieces to take to a consignment furniture store. You might want a whole new look for your house, and selling your furniture is a great way to help you fund your dream home.

Should you sell it?

It’s hard to let go of your favorite chair. Sometimes there is sentimental value in that couch your Nana gave you, too. Quite often you genuinely think you will use a piece of furniture once you get the house put together, but it never makes it out of storage. These are all things to consider when you move. Moving is a big change, and can bring on impulse buys and giveaways. Take a minute to think about what will fit in your new home. If you don’t think a piece will be of use to you, think about giving someone else the opportunity to give it a good home.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

If you own your own home, you’ll want to get your realtor on the same page with you. Realtors like to stage houses, and may need you to leave some pieces of furniture until the house is sold. Be sure to take pictures of the house while it’s staged. Including photos when you finally sell the furniture can often help a buyer or consignment store list the furniture better. This will also help you if you decide to place your things in storage until you make a final decision to take your couches and chairs to a consignment furniture store. Make notes about the dimensions of large items, that way you will know what will fit in your new home once you get there.

Why to Consider Consignment Furniture Stores

Storage fees can cost $150 and up, per month. Consigning your furniture will help you sell it to a good home with less hassle. A big move can be very emotional and physically demanding. While you’re thinking about where to hang the family photos, a consignment furniture store will help you sell your items. You might even find some cool new home furnishings to make the most out of your new place.