Consignment Furniture Carpenter Sands Chair

Thrifty Tips: Make The Most Out Of Your Consignment Furniture

Consignment Furniture Carpenter Sands ChairGive Consignment Furniture New Life

Are you looking for that one unique piece of furniture that will really tie a room together? When looking for that furniture upgrade for your home, check out consignment furniture. Consignment furniture might look a little drab at first, but with some love you can turn it into something very fab. Consignment furniture can make a great statement piece for any room in your house. All it needs is a creative eye, maybe a new coat of paint, or some fun modern fabric. No matter what your furniture needs, consignment furniture makeovers may be the way to go. Below are some great ways to turn ordinary pieces into something that will bring a lot of life to your house.

Turn Dull Dining Room Chairs Into Something Fab

A set of dated chairs is one of the easiest pieces of consignment furniture to revamp. You’ll simply need a sander or sandpaper, primer, paint, and new fabric. One of the coolest ways to turn those dusty old chairs into something fab is to simply go with one statement color. Bright pinks, neon greens, or a pop of turquoise can really give a room some color. Simply sand the varnish or paint off of the chairs with 80 to 100 grit sandpaper. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and let dry. Spray a thin coat of primer onto the chair and let dry for 10 minutes. Repeat the primer three times more. Give your chair a gorgeous coat of paint and let dry overnight. When you’re ready, upholster it with your new fabric and you’ve got some beautiful dining room chairs.

Give Rejected Consignment Furniture New Life

If you love to shop consignment furniture, or are looking for a statement piece, look no further. Sometimes an old piece that doesn’t seem to have a lot of potential as it is will surprise you. Dressers, hallway tables, coat racks or coat stands, accent tables and side tables might just need a fresh coat of paint. Make your consignment furniture stand out with some high gloss lacquer. This technique is great for dated pieces! Simply sand and prime your consignment piece. Paint the piece with a color that really stands out like bright red. Once dry, apply a clear brushing lacquer, wait two hours, and coat again.

Go For a Family Heirloom Makeover

Couches and chairs that are seriously outdated can take on a new look in no time. You don’t have to be a furniture guru to do a simple redesign or re-upholster. Turn vintage drab into vintage chic in no time. Pick out a modern fabric. Fabrics with patterns, in the same colors as the room you plan on placing the chair or couch, can brighten up a room. Remove the tattered or discolored fabric. Remove any tufte’s in the seat cushion or bench to give it a smooth modern design. Upholster your consignment furniture with your favorite fabric. Instant new life for a chic modern piece, that no one will know is consignment furniture.