Bedroom Furniture with Quality Home Decor

How to Buy Consignment Furniture

Bedroom Furniture with Quality Home Decor

So, you’ve finally decided you want to redecorate. This can be one of the most exciting experiences for a homeowner. New furniture, home decor, and other home furnishings can completely transform the look and feel of the home. Searching through store after store to find the right piece of furniture can dull the excitement of your project—but how can you avoid it? Consider shopping consignment furniture.

3 Tips for Buying Consignment Furniture

At your local consignment furniture store, there are typically hundreds of home furnishing options—all under one roof. This can not only make your shopping experience more convenient, but also more affordable.

Buying consignment furniture is like buying any other type of furniture. As you walk into the showroom, you can be completely swept up in the beautiful decor, entranced by the friendly design experts, and easily be derailed from your desired track. To help you have the most successful shopping experience at your local consignment furniture store, follow these three shopping tips.

1. Take a Seat

If you’re looking to buy a consignment sofa, sectional, chair, or loveseat, don’t forget to test it out. Take a seat and be sure that it meets your needs. For living room furniture especially, remember that this will be the most used furniture in the home. If it is not a comfortable surface to sit upon in the showroom, chances are, it won’t work in your home.

Although it might be the most beautiful piece of furniture you’ve laid your eyes upon, if it is uncomfortable, it may not be worth the investment.

2. Keep a Shopping List

Are you looking to purchase furniture for just your bedroom? Be sure that you make a list of the furniture you’d like to update.

In most cases, consignment furniture stores stage their furniture in large showrooms. This makes it easier than ever to get distracted. If you walked into the store looking for a new bed, but came out with a new living room sofa, chances are, you didn’t use a list.

Keeping a shopping list will help you stay on track for your decor needs and your budget. You list can also serve as an aid for the design specialists that operate the store. Simply hand over your list and let them lead the way.

They know the items in their store better than anyone and will most likely be able to assist you in finding the perfect piece for your home.

3. Ask for Assistance in the Showroom

If you have no idea what you need for your home or maybe need help pairing items, don’t be shy—ask for assistance. In most cases, consignment furniture stores have interior design backgrounds and can help assist you in your shopping experience.

Some consignment stores, like ours, can stage the furniture you have set your sights on in a way that best represents your home. This will allow you to see the furniture set up the way you like, before you make a purchase.

The design specialist should be able to help stage the space with a variety of furniture in the store to make it easier than ever to reach your design goals.

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