Wall Art

• Exquisite Wall Art For Any Space •

From murals and paintings to posters and mirrors, we have an extensive collection of wall art that can help you create an inviting ambiance in your space. Because of our high volume of product turnover, please note that the items featured below may not be available.

Consigning Your Wall Art with Us

At Encore Consign + Design, our design specialists are prepared to assist you with the sale of your wall art and other home furnishings. When you choose to consign with Encore, you have the opportunity to leverage our marketing showroom that spans over 23,000 square feet. By utilizing our consignment services, you can ensure that you find the right buyer for your unique home furnishings and decor. Consigning with us is simple. Take a photo of the item you would like to consign with us and send it to us. Our team of design specialists will assess your item and price it accordingly. After it sells, you will receive a predetermined percentage—it’s that simple.

Sell Your Furniture

Shopping at Encore Consign + Design

For over a decade, customers from all over the Coachella Valley have come to rely on us for innovative and exciting home furnishings. Our showroom, located in La Quinta, is filled with designer-inspired artwork, decor, and other furnishings for each and every room in the home. Don’t wait for a special occasion to stop in and chat with our friendly staff. We are dedicated to helping you transform your ideas into realities. If you are ready to start creating the home of your dreams with elegant, yet practical furniture, we invite and encourage you to reach out to us today.