Couple Buys Couch From Furniture Store

Consider Consigning In Furniture Stores

Couple Buys Couch From Furniture StoreFurniture Consignment

If you have unwanted furniture in your home, you likely give it away, put it up for sale on Craigslist, or just place it on the curb for trash pick up. But there are furniture stores out there who will consign your furniture instead. There are many reasons to go this route over the others. Here are just a few.

Reach A Larger Audience

If you really want to sell your furniture instead of donating it or tossing it, putting it in furniture stores that offer consignment allows you to reach a larger audience of people actually looking to buy furniture like yours. If you’ve got a valuable piece, you can reach buyers looking for well-made furniture. Not only are the buyers there, but they are also willing to pay for quality furniture pieces.


If you place your piece up for sale online, you will have to deal with the phone calls and emails it generates from interested buyers. You will then have to set up a time to meet and transfer the piece and so on and so forth. When you go with consigning in furniture stores instead, you just deal with the consignment store up front and then you are out of the picture.


As much as you want to trust humanity as a whole, the chances are you won’t know who will contact you and want to come into your home to look at your furniture. You have to meet a stranger, give out your address, and haggle over a price. Instead of taking those safety risks, using a consignment furniture store is safe, easy, and convenient.

Preparing For Consignment

If you are interested in approaching furniture stores about consignment, you will want to have some information on your piece so you are prepared for the deal. Gather these items to help you further your interests.


If you don’t take the piece itself directly to the store before you make the deal, you will want to have as many photos of it as possible. The most important thing to photograph is any wear or damage it may have. Most used pieces aren’t in perfect condition and furniture stores will want to evaluate any damage.


If you can figure it out, it is good to know the year the item was made. You can show pictures of the item from that year if you can find them. This will help you showcase how much the piece is actually worth to the furniture stores.

Bill Of Sale

If you have the original receipt, it can give specifications for the item and help the furniture stores know the market value of the piece when you bought it.


Take note of the condition of the item. If the upholstery is original, for example, write that down. If anything has been changed or updated, you will want to note that as well. These items are good to have as you go through the consignment process with furniture stores.