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5 Ways To Create Cozy Bedroom Interior Design

New Room Interior DesignMake The Most Out Of Your Bedroom Interior Design

Your bedroom should be a space that promotes sweet dreams. Create a cozy atmosphere with the right furniture, some amazing decor, and a few new interior design touches to really make a bedroom great. What better way to unwind from a long day than in a bedroom that is both cozy and cool? Your bedroom should be a place that will lead to mornings filled with sunshine and nights filled with amazing dreams. You don’t have to be a professional to really nail bedroom interior design. Here are five ideas to help you always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Comfortable Furniture is Key

Treat your bedroom like a sanctuary for sleep and buy a great bedroom set. Consignment stores are fabulous places to shop for your dream bedroom furniture. They can also be easily primed and painted to suit your style. Don’t forget the bed side tables and dressers which you can find in consignment stores as well are perfect for adding a new element to the interior design of your room. While some people may be tempted to put a desk or T.V. in their bedroom, this can often lead to sleepless nights.

Limit Distractions

Blue light is often said to be what disrupts modern sleep. Devices like TVs, tablets, and smartphones all emit blue light. Blue light mimics daylight so it confuses our brain’s ability to realize it’s time for bed and that we need to fall asleep. A great way to create a cozy bedroom using awesome interior design techniques is to leave the devices out. Hang the television in the family room. Use a traditional alarm clock instead of your phone. Give your tablets a home in a basket that stays in your kitchen or den. These little tricks will help you sleep better.

Choose the Right Lighting

The right lighting can make or break just how cozy your bedroom can be. The ideal bedroom is dark and cool, with little light coming in. This is where interior design really comes into play! Give your room that dark feel with blackout blinds or thick, heavy curtains. These are great if you live on a street with lots of street lamps, too. Overhead lamps aren’t ideal when you need lighting at night. You can often find matching lamps in consignment stores. While they can be outdated, a coat of high gloss or matte spray paint will transform your bedroom lighting.

Give It a Personal Touch

A bedroom is a very personal space, so your home decor should add little personal touches to your room. Wall hangings, paintings, and photos are great additions to bare walls. Hampers and clothes baskets can keep your floor clean and free of clutter. A hutch or bench with inside storage makes a great furniture addition at the foot of any bed. Here, you can store extra blankets and pillows for colder nights. Bedding is a great way to add some fresh and new interior design without hanging anything on the wall. You can really make a bedroom pop with a comforter or duvet that has a pattern, and bright accent pillows will also tie the room together.