5 Tips for Getting Quality Furniture at Low Prices

Find Deals at Furniture Stores, Consignment Shops, and Beyond

Glass Table and ChairsWho doesn’t like to get high-quality stuff for cheap? That’s right, absolutely no one. Getting the best quality for your money is especially important when shopping for something that is going to (hopefully) stay with you for a long time––like a car, a house, home appliances, or furniture.  

Furniture is an investment. Not only does furniture make a home livable, but quality furniture should add aesthetic value to your living space, reflect your personal style, and give you years of use. Whether you are shopping for a bed, sofa, chair, or all of the above, it’s wise to keep these things in mind to find the best piece of furniture for your home for the lowest possible price. Just as cheap, poor quality furniture bought new from a store might last as little as a year, a quality piece of used furniture bought at a discounted price could be a “diamond in the rough” that is the perfect addition to your home.  

Tip 1:  Choose Colors and Fabrics that Suit your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will largely determine how well your furniture holds up over time. For example, if you have a large dog that roams freely in your house, it might be a good idea to avoid buying a white suede coach, as it will likely gets scratched up and stained. Conversely, darker colors and fabrics like linen or tweed are more resistant to stains and therefore will stand the test of time better.

Tip 2:  Sales are Seasonal

Sales are more likely to occur at certain times of year, shocking right? Holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day are popular times for sales, however, some of the best deals can be found around the Fourth of July and Christmas, when many retailers offer significant discounts on older inventory in order to make room for new arrivals.

Tip 3:  Check the Cushions for Firmness and Covers

Generally speaking, firmer cushions tend to hold up better over time, making them a better choice when looking for sofas,  couches, pillows, and chairs. Also, while they sometimes cost a bit more, cushions with removable covers tend to last longer than those with plain white or cream-colored backings.   

Tip 4: Open Drawers and Cabinets

Some buyers will make the mistake of buying a desk, dresser, or nightstands without first checking out the functionality of the drawers and cabinets. It’s important to make sure that they not only open and close easily, Cabinet doors should ideally remain in the open position rather than snapping shut on you while you reach inside to get something.

Tip 5: Buy Consignment

One of the best ways to get quality, designer furniture for less is to check Craigslist and shop at thrift or consignment furniture stores. Stores that buy and sell used furniture will often have a great selection of tables, chairs, desks, rugs, and other furnishings to choose from all under one roof at prices significantly less than buying new from a retail store.  Encore Consign + Design is one of the best places to buy and sell used furniture in the Palm Desert and Coachella Valley area.

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