4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Space Flow Better

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Have you recently moved or are you looking for a quick makeover? No matter what the purpose, redecorating your space can completely transform your home. Even a simple swap of throw pillows can change the look and feel of your space.

Redecorating your home on your own can be an exciting venture, but can be overwhelming. There are nearly endless choices—from couches to wall art to rugs.

Shopping at your local consignment furniture store can save you time and money, and ultimately help you transform your space faster. Typically, furniture stores are filled with helpful interior design specialists that can help you choose the best items that match your personal style.

Make Your Space Flow Better with These 4 Interior Design Tips

Finding the right items is only half the battle. Once you have the items ready to put in your home, you might get a little overwhelmed. The placement of a sofa can radically change the appearance of the space. One direction can lead in guests and create an inviting space, while another way can completely block the room.

To help you create the most beautiful space, we have compiled some interior design tips that will help make your space flow better. Keep reading to create a fluid, elegant space with your new home furnishings.

Allow for Space In Between Your Furniture

When you are shopping for furniture or determining where to place your current pieces, be sure to leave ample space in between each item. It should be easy for you and guests to easily move around your living space without the need to tiptoe around furniture.

By providing space between each item, you are allowing for easy mobility and can create a flow to your space. This will make your living area more inviting and ensure that you and your guests are comfortable.

Arrange Your Furniture According to Rug Size

If you have an area rug, be sure to consider the placement of your furniture. For larger rugs, it might be a good idea to place all of your furniture on top of the rug. This creates a more luxurious feel and can create a segregated living space in an open concept room.

For smaller area rugs, it might be a better option to surround your furniture around rather than on. Having all of your furniture place on the rug can create a tighter space that can result in poor flow. By placing your furniture placed around a small rug, it can act as a decorative feature of your space, while adding comfort to your home.

Set a Focal Point in Your Space

No matter if you are in the bedroom or in the living room, there should be a focal point in the space. Whether that’d be a light fixture, fireplace, or even a bed—whatever you choose, this should anchor your room.

This item should draw attention to the space and work together to bring the entire room together.

Avoid Clutter

Decor items are great, but too many of them can clutter the space. Stick to a few basic decorative accents as your base and add sparingly. This will help create an overall theme of the room without it seeming too cluttered.

Getting Inspiration for Your Interior Design

Are you struggling to find the right pieces for your space? The vision in your head might be hard to recreate in real life. To get inspiration to make your home shine with your own personality, start shopping. There are many furniture stores and showrooms in Coachella that are filled with beautiful and unique home furnishings that can inspire you with a layout, a theme, or even help craft your own personal style—the possibilities are endless.

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